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Interview anglaise de Charles Cecil (créateur de la série) - 2/2 - Interview : Charles CECIL

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Interview anglaise de Charles Cecil (créateur de la série) - 2/2
PC PS2 Xbox
Partager sur : > How many people are working on Broken Sword 3 at the moment ?

The team size fluctuates at the moment, as we shift resources around, depending on the other projects we are working on. Typically, it sits at around between 20 and 25 people, though this will increase as we get further into development. > You are also working on the conversion of Broken Sword 1 for GBA. Do you have any special problems keep the game accurate? Will it still be the same game or did you have to make modifications (in graphics, gameplay or sound) ?

I am very pleased with how Broken Sword on Game Boy Advance has turned out. We decided to re-implement the game from scratch rather than simply convert it. This has allowed us to create a completely different direct-control interface - which works really well and is almost truer as an interface than the original point-and-click. It has also allowed us to tweak unpopular puzzles - such as the ubiquitous goat-and-plough obstacle. We have also fixed inconsistencies and bugs that got through first time, as well as reducing the amount of dialogue. And finally we were able to add unique elements which have echoes in both BS2 and the forthcoming BS3.

We have employed some extraordinary compression which has allowed us to faithfully include most of the assets - except for speech which would have been impossible. All the characters, locations, objects and puzzles are fully-featured, and they look great. We have been able to include a full complement of sound effects and musical themes. Since this is the first time any of our games has appeared on a Nintendo machine, we are pleased by our debut on the platform!

Interview anglaise de Charles Cecil (créateur de la série) - 2/2 > In conclusion, could you say a word about Good Cop Bad Cop, your other project?

We were approached by EIDOS to write Who Wants to be a Millionaire before Christmas. The time period was very short and, in deciding to take the project, we had to move the team from Good Cop Bad Cop. Therefore we have lost several months and are only now beginning to come back onto the project. > Now, some quick questions you must answerwith one sentence at the most. > Your favorite machine: Gamecube,Playstation 2 or X-Box ?

PlayStation 2. It's the least powerful, but - for now - it has the best games. > Your favorite game (not including Revolution games) / The last game you played (not including Revolution games)?

I have become engrossed in Grand Theft Auto III - although I disapprove of the violence! Because I share the PlayStation 2 with my children I need to hide the box so that they don't try the game for themselves. > On which machine did you first play a game ?

Apart from Space Invaders on a table arcade, it was the ZX81. > Which French game creator do you like the most ?

One of the seminal games of the '80s was 'Alone in the dark' - so my vote goes to that team. I find it incredibly ungenerous of Capcom not to acknowledge that it inspired 'Resident Evil / Biohazard'. > What studies did you do to get your job ?

I started writing text adventures over 20 years ago while reading Mechanical Engineering at University. The qualification is of no use to video games production - but in those days you didn't need any qualifications to get into the Video Games industry. > What is the most successful game in the history of Revolution Software (how many copies sold) ?

Both Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2 which have sold around a million copies in Europe. > Charles Cecil, thank you.

Mis à jour le 04/02/2002
PC PlayStation 2 Xbox Aventure THQ Revolution Software


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le 06 avr. 2012 à 18:09

Pourquoi c'est en anglais. :doute:

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