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Liste des trophées et succès de Metal Wolf Chaos XD - Guide complet de Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Page Wiki Liste des trophées et succès de Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Liste des trophées et succès de Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Page du guide de Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

Retrouvez ci-dessous la liste des 48 trophées de Metal Wolf Chaos XD (38 bronze, dont 23 cachés, 6 argent, 3 or, 1 platine).

Liste des trophées et succès de Metal Wolf Chaos XD

trophées bronzes (38, dont 23 cachés)

  • Martial Artist

    Stomp 1 000 enemies
  • Cowboys & Aliens

    Use revolvers to capture an alien in Phoenix while wearing Phoenix suit
  • Pacifist

    Complete level without firing a single shot
  • I Know a Shortcut (trophée caché)

    Discover secret passage in Alcatraz
  • Ring the Bell

    Hit the church bell in Phoenix
  • Testing The Waters

    Swim on Miami
  • Burning Bridges

    Destroy all bridges in Grand Canyon
  • How do you like me now?

    Defeat miniboss using Blaze Attack
  • Speedrunner

    Complete any level under 30 seconds
  • You sunk my Battleship!

    Destroy the battleship with 3 hits
  • Fake News

    Destroy DNN helicopter 10 times on the same level
  • Down Periscope

    Drown a tank
  • Air Supremacy

    Stomp a flying helicopter
  • OnePunchWolf

    Destroy target with a single Stomp Attack
  • Corsair

    Sink all patrol boats in Miami with Cannon gun
  • Fathers and Sons XD (trophée caché)

    Destroy father's statue a second time
  • Fathers and Sons (trophée caché)

    Destroy father's statue
  • You will never be forgiven (trophée caché)

    Fail to save White House
  • Blindspot (trophée caché)

    Get damaged from a mine or kamikaze 30 times
  • Hostage Down! (trophée caché)

    Loose 10 POWs
  • Deserter (trophée caché)

    Leave battlefield 10 times
  • Fail Better (trophée caché)

    Fail the same mission 10 times
  • This is Metal Wolf (trophée caché)

    Die the first time
  • Rock band

    Rescue 5 musicians
  • Believe in your own justice! (trophée caché)

    Complete Space Station
  • Bring Fashion Back to the Streets (trophée caché)

    Complete Beverly Hills
  • The Metal Wolf of Wall Street (trophée caché)

    Complete New York
  • White House, I'm back! (trophée caché)

    Complete Fight House
  • Freedom and justice in your hands (trophée caché)

    Complete Liberty Island
  • All night show (trophée caché)

    Complete Las Vegas
  • Aerial fortress (trophée caché)

    Complete Houston
  • Chicago Daybreak (trophée caché)

    Complete Chicago
  • My Darling Clementine (trophée caché)

    Complete Phoenix
  • Eagle of the Atlantic (trophée caché)

    Complete Miami Beach
  • Beacon of hope in your counteroffensive (trophée caché)

    Complete Chinatown (San Francisco)
  • Smash the Island Prison (trophée caché)

    Complete Alcatraz
  • The One Great Sight (trophée caché)

    Complete Grand Canyon
  • Let's Partyyyyy!!! (trophée caché)

    Complete White House

trophées argent (6)

  • First Million

    Score 1 000 000 Presidential Points
  • Alien Hunter

    Capture all aliens
  • Investor

    Upgrade all manufactures
  • New World Hoarder

    Collect all Energy Cores
  • Earn This

    Rescue all POWs
  • Presidential Soul

    Complete all levels on Hell difficulty

trophées or (3)

  • Medal of Honor

    Defeat final boss without losing a single Shield Unit
  • Lord of War

    Acquire all weapons
  • Motivated

    Complete all levels with S rank

trophée platine (1) (uniquement sur PS4)

  • American Hero

    Earn all other trophies in the game
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