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Topic Maj 9 go

Sujet : Maj 9 go

23 juin 2021 à 17:29:13

Je sais pas ce qu'elle apporte, des news?

29 juin 2021 à 04:14:51

Hi, everyone!

We have a small update today for PlayStation and Xbox One. We have a larger update in testing that will be available at a later date for both consoles and PC. More news on that when it is available.

Here are the changes in today’s update:

PS4 Version #2652
Xbox One Version# 2656


  • Loading an auto-save during the “Stocking Up” mission will no longer break the mission. NOTE: This is a partial fix. It is still possible for this mission to get into an invalid state due to collectible items not spawning. We have a fix coming for this issue in the next update. If this occurs, loading a save created before taking the mission often resolves the issue.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash while consuming food at a Camp Fire while an item is equipped.
  • The "Project Number” is no longer displayed on the screen.
  • Fixed an audio bug that resulted in the male and female voices being played at the same time.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to enter an unresponsive state when attempting to join a co-op session after reconnecting the to Xbox Live service while in a suspended state.
  • Fixed random crashes related to joining a co-op session.
  • Joining a server after hosting a server on a different map will now properly recognize the map.
  • Players who have the ‘'You can join multiplayer games' privilege blocked will now see the proper message when attempting to join a co-op session.
  • Improved co-op system messages (PS4)

Hi, everyone.

Today’s update addresses many issues brought up by the community. Thank you for your feedback and bug reports!

This update is in testing for Xbox One and PS4. We will update everyone next week on the ETA for those platforms.

PC Update

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