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Sujet : Rune

23 août 2020 à 20:46:19

A t on des infos sur les " runes " de ce jeu ? Je me demande qu elle est la limite autorisé pour "copier" ce système avant que konami se sente plagié ?

23 août 2020 à 22:41:17

Oui ils en parlent dans l'actu n°8

Rune Lenses
Rune-lenses are the backbone of all power in the world of Eiyuden Chronicles. Lenses have different significance from nation to nation and culture to culture, but people everywhere have learned to harness their magical power and have handed that wisdom down—whether it’s to cast spells; use supernatural powers; or wield the lens symbolically, claiming the “divine gifts” represent a communion with god. The lenses are commonly crafted into weapons and accessories. However, the Galdean Empire has figured out how to amplify the lenses’ power by placing them inside specially engineered rings called “regules.”

The most valuable rune-lenses are sometimes handed down through families. There are also some individuals who are born with them inside their bodies. Many heroes have their own rune-lenses—no doubt you’ve noticed the back of Marisa’s hand or Perrielle’s hairpin—but you may also encounter heroes who don’t rely on rune-lenses at all.

The lenses’ importance carries over into the game system, too. By affixing runes to your heroes’ lenses, you can give them new magics and skills, or perhaps improve their physical abilities. Each hero’s lens is unique and supports runes of different type, rarity, and quantity. Some lenses may already contain a specialized rune that cannot be removed. Others may require runes of a certain type be affixed in specific positions. And when your heroes level up, the number of runes their lenses hold can potentially increase. We hope that players will use this system to create a roster of heroes that feels personal and powerful.

I wonder where else a brave adventurer might find rune-lenses in the world of Allraan?

En gros ça a l'air relativement similaire aux runes de Suikoden 2.

Message édité le 23 août 2020 à 22:42:02 par Takumihazuky
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