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Sujet : LMHT Topic

10 juillet 2020 à 04:40:51

In the first days of winter, the rain was dripping all night long ... The student had to do nothing, do nothing, go to school even if he didn't want to go, he would die. The guys at home are sleeping, the kids are dating ... but maybe most of the brothers spend time on video games ... It is not strange for a group of students to come to the Net to laugh and swear at each other. , happy much, only in these cozy moments, gamers will temporarily forget the loneliness in the freezing weather, forget the worries of the last day of the month, forget the few subjects still needed pay the notes ... AOE, LOL, CF, ... have become intimates, tri tri is so.

Talking about LOL, appearing more than 2 years ago in Vietnam, the full name is League of Legends, maybe it is too familiar with the Vietnamese gaming community, sad to play less sad, have more fun, have more fun, at noon in the evening, just like you can always hold the mouse to play League of Legends ... A rainy day with a long series of memories, playing a lot of games is also boring so naturally I want to have something else a bit different, think forever and then it came out, it was about LEGAL UNION.
Not talking about skills, not about playing ... this article will give you a different perspective on LOL, first of all, family and society. OK? In the game, you can be a pro or a chicken, you can play well in all positions or just one, two but have you ever imagined what position you hold related to your real life? outside? If you are free to sit around and meditate a bit, it will be very interesting ... TopLan, who always leads, a quiet position, says more or less makes people think of the image of a great, great father. Not direct, but indirectly guide you. Having a father, you must have a mother, a good support player will understand this better than anyone else, follow, support and care about the smallest details of every member of the team, is the most important position, controlling the path of the teammates as well as the opponent, everyone understands the main job of sp is to raise and protect the ADC, like the work of a mother for a young son so eagerly until he is enough full grown wings ... MidLan gives us a look at the image of an older sister, someone who not only does her job well but also has to help her father, help her mother teach me when they need it and even when they do not need it . Can appear and be with us all the time as a Jungle, like a close friend, when you are weak, you are bullied, the jungle is taking care of you, protecting you, when you are healthy, the jungle is back. you and your friends share the fun .. and what else is good jungle also give or share to teammates from small crepes to blu, dragons ... Besides those close, LOL also let me meet you You respectable opponents, they are the people we emulate, the motivation, the hope for us to experience, the skills ... They teach us to survive, we have to know how to overcome many obstacles and tells us not only to learn to win in life, but sometimes to learn to accept defeat.

You may be like this and that, in this life, you may be very good at your profession, but when you are not confident enough to beat everyone, not enough to carry everything Do not be hasty, arrogant, assess one person to comment on the other, remember that if you do not have any guards to protect them at any time, no matter how much you may be shut down. Complaining about your teammates only has a negative effect, making sure that on the road you went not only once you also made mistakes. When you have the skills, qualifications instead of biting others, take advantage of your free time to save teammates. Let everyone know, how good your ability to adapt to the collective rather than soliciting others, League is a game of teamwork rather than antagonism.

When you learn to play League, just like when you practice wet legs and feet come to life with a completely strange job ... don't be afraid because you are still very bad, everyone is like that, there are friends, people Dear people who will be your teammates, they will accompany you and may lead you to success; Do not let your teammates see you as useless as obstacles, opponents see you as allies, try to follow the competent person to help them with simple tasks and learn little by little more than to confront capitalizing on you as an ATM. Do not be sad to leave unfinished, the fun is still ahead. Believe that you will, will succeed. Life is like a game, the ultimate destination is winning, and winning is how you decide.

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