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Topic The atmosphere of TikTok e3 scene can still be so boiling

Sujet : The atmosphere of TikTok e3 scene can still be so boiling

02 avril 2020 à 11:12:43

There are no groups of beauties, no noisy hot dances, no so-called stars, and the atmosphere of TikTok e3 scene can still be so boiling. The only reason is video games, and a line of spectacular and firm belief players. It's just a game for fans. It's the starting price to line up for an hour for your favorite works. I wish I could line up once It takes three or four hours to enjoy the game. It seems that only in this way can we prove our love for the game and the greatness of our works. Nintendo fans should have the best experience of this. No ones can stand in line to get to Sony's exhibition area with a legend of Zelda in TikTok.

Message édité le 02 avril 2020 à 11:13:02 par Rodkiko
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