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Sujet : APEX Racer Hack iOS unlimited money glitch cheats gold glitch code

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Aprea021 Aprea021
Niveau 1
07 juin 2023 à 11:18:44

APEX Racer Hack iOS unlimited money glitch cheats gold glitch code


I personally love this APEX Racer hacks! I just received it last night and it has taken me 8 and a half hours. However, I know it is still in the development stage. This has been proven through many errors that exist. Can you invest in a debugger? This will make the process easier. I found an error on the piston where there is a replica with the highest tear, and I bought the one on the far right. This game cost me 2 million dollars, Didn't give me any piston upgrades: (In addition, there needs to be an option to completely shut down the game. The volume is now on, but the slider is the lowest. Another annoying thing is the upgrade selector. The selector won't choose any upgrades you're currently working on, but instead the upgrade you clicked on last. Sorry for the long comment. I can't wait to see the development of this game, and I hope you wish you good luck! (In addition, if you need more debugging assistance, I would love to find more ways to make your game better!)

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