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Topic Cats and Soup Cheat engine Unlimited free gems Hack Mod apk

Sujet : Cats and Soup Cheat engine Unlimited free gems Hack Mod apk

29 novembre 2021 à 09:13:16

Cats and Soup Cheat engine Unlimited free gems Hack Mod apk


I like this Cats and Soup cheat very much! It's so calm that I like animation. Cats are so cute and have so many construction options! I'm really glad I downloaded this. I have no regrets! This is not a real pity, because every game has at least one thing that most people don't like.. I just don't like that when you download it for the first time, you have a lot of things to do, so you're busy having fun. But you have to wait for your cat to cook soup, shred carrots and lettuce, and even wait for them to stop jumping on the trampoline. Now that's good, but what I want to say is, I hope there are more activities to do, and then wait for your cat. If you don't know what to add, here are some things I recommend: when you wait for your cat to finish the soup, you can play some interesting games, so when you finish the interesting games, you can get a lot of coins from your cat. This is what I suggest now. I may have more ideas in the future. It's not that I'm still thinking. But I hope you can add this. Of course you don't have to, but I will like some lovely mini games. You can play and your cat can work! I like this Cats and Soup hacks very much. I've been playing for the past two weeks. I'm not even tired of it. I think it's absolutely cute. The animation is very charming. I don't think I'm crowded with advertisements or forced to spend money. Once, it did randomly reset my progress, which is frustrating, but if the application solves the problem, delete and download again:) I am completely attracted by the task of collecting all cats. Even if I have all cats, I hope to make the best use of my facilities and make my little forest oasis the best possible! I have some suggestions, but with all due respect:) - please rename the Indian tent. It's a stereotype of Indians. Maybe it can be called relaxing tent / tent / campsite / tent - maybe it can make leisure equipment easier to obtain than cooking equipment? When I get a cooking facility, I think I'm more motivated to play longer and save money, because I know it will bring a new cat, but sometimes I don't want to save money for a relaxation facility - if you pile fish in the warehouse, you'll know how many fish you have more easily and more organized - I find it difficult to earn furniture coins, Maybe put more money in the claw machine? That's all! I like this game very much and see myself playing it for a long time

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