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Sujet : Probleme Iso sega gt sur eMule

News culture
DUMB MONEY : L’incroyable histoire vraie de Keith Gill, l’homme qui a retourné tout Wall Street, actuellement au cinéma
Jam-Hill Jam-Hill
Niveau 10
14 juillet 2003 à 16:18:49

Lu a tous, mon original de sega gt est mort alors j´ai téléchargé l´iso self boot de sega gt sur DC, c un fichier nrg donc a graver avec nero, le probleme c ke jariv pa a le graver, le cd ne boot pas ou la gravure plante, snif donc je peux plus y jouer c tres dommage, a moins quueeee . .. kelkun la téléchargé et me dise comment le graver ? mercii plizz plizzz g déja loriginal mais il est mort et jariv pas a le retrouver neuf et g pa tro envie de le re acheter en + . .. =) merci

Horizon-759 Horizon-759
Niveau 9
12 juin 2005 à 18:40:13

Tiens voila ce que j´ai trouvé :

A brief guide on Da1m0n´s Dreamcast game rips

After putting up my first few DC games on suprnova, a lot of people in the forums complained about having all sorts of problems burning them correctly so that they would work. This rather surprised me, so to this end I´m compiling a few helpful tips in this guide. Corrections and additions are more than welcome; you know where to find me.

General info:

All of my rips are done by myself with Nero from 100% tested and working CDR games. All of them are selfbooting and include the game music ( CD audio tracks) if there ever was any. Wherever possible, I have downloaded original Echelon/Kalisto/etc. releases and applied all the important patches that can be found at - note, though, that all of my games are meant to run on an NTSC Dreamcast. Some have selectable 50Hz/60Hz modes, some don´t, and a few may not run in RGB/VGA video modes.
Also note that all games WILL fit on 700MB/80-minute discs, though some require slight overburning. You will NEVER need 90-minute discs or other such silliness.

How to ensure a successful burn:

Use Nero ( or a newer 5.5.x.x) whenever possible. Older 5.5.x.x versions of Nero may have problems with the images, so if you encounter strange errors - particularly an " Unexpected Exception," but also misreported image sizes - you will have to update. Even 5.5.9.x is probably too old already.
Turn any and all wizards off, and ensure that Nero is running in full mode rather than Express mode ( whether you use a registered version or the 30-day trial). Otherwise, important options may not be accessible to you.
To set up Nero for overburning, select the Expert Features tab in the Preferences dialog, enable overburning and set the overburn time to 82:00:00.
From the File menu, select " Burn Image," and once you load the . nrg image, ! !!MAKE SURE!!! to set the write method to Disc-At-Once/96 ( the 96 is key here). This is necessary for correct session offsets, otherwise your DC will not boot the burned CD ( even with the help of a boot disc). Regular Disc-At-Once may in some instances work fine ( depending on your PC setup and CDRW drive) but is not guaranteed. As a matter of fact, regular DAO does not allow overburning whereas DAO/96 does.

Other options:

Nero 6 Ultra may burn Dreamcast images fine. I don´t know since I´ve never used Nero 6.
Alcohol 120% appears to be a favorite alternative among users for burning Nero images. You should use RAW-DAO mode, rather than RAW-SAO, for burning. Since I´ve never used Alcohol 120% either, I´m not aware of any other options that may need set.
DaemonTools may be used to mount an . nrg image and burn it with DiscJuggler or the like, if you´re more comfortable with that method. Again, I know nothing about that ; -) so you´ll have to post any questions to the suprnova forums.


Si ya quelque chose que tu comprends pas, dis le moi !

darkstar[X] darkstar[X]
Niveau 3
14 juillet 2005 à 16:36:00

tu et cri beaucoup HoRiZoN-759

Victime de harcèlement en ligne : comment réagir ?
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