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Sujet : Tout les secrets

Pseudo supprimé
31 décembre 2006 à 11:13:23

Location of all Arena Bonus Items, Archimedes´ Diary pages & Secrets:

The Storm Breaks

4 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary : Exit the 1st battle area (just past where the Sappers
appear). Hard left behind a staircase.

2. Archimedes Diary : 2nd battle area. Top left landing.

3. Arena Bonus Item : 2nd battle area. Far right behind wall and on landing.

4. Archimedes Diary : 3rd battle area. To the right of the far catapult.

A Spartan Welcome

11 in total:

1. Arena Bonus Item: In island compound near the training Romans

2. Archimedes Diary: To the left of main ramp behind training Romans

3. Arena Bonus Item: Hard left on far side of main ramp beyond
training Romans

4. Archimedes Diary: around the last corner of the trench

5. Archimedes Diary: at far left of rampart wall

6 - 8. Secrets: Contaminate Water Towers (x 3)

9 - 11. Secrets: Destroy Catapults (x 3)

The Last Stand

6 in total:

1. Arena Bonus Item: in alcove on right of mezzanine where Romans are
first encountered

2. Secret: Destroy Arms Dump

3. Archimedes Diary: behind wall to the left of battlefield. Jump around.

4. Archimedes Diary: in alcove to right of exit area

5. Archimedes Diary: at end of corridor of flame behind Spartans. Use
rubble to access.

6. Arena Bonus Item: in 3rd area with Archers. As entering on far right on
raised platform in corner. Access via stairs and
moving down and off landing.

The Badlands

6 in total:

1. Arena Bonus Item: to the right side of the village on entering

2. Arena Bonus Item: to the right side of the village and behind tent on

3. Archimedes Diary: in first open area after blowing first cave

4. Arena Bonus Item: at bottom of ramp (Spartan placed there after blowing
last cave and cut scene)

5. Archimedes Diary: on isolated outcrop of rock crossed by bridge
(3 Berserkers; Fire Arrows & Shrines also located here)

6. Archimedes Diary: in last accessible area (Key & Explosive Chest also
located here)

The Wild Bunch

3 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: at rear of village behind burning fire

2. Arena Bonus Item: at rear of village and around corner by fence

3. Arena Bonus Item: in last battle area by fence (accessible after
killing Beowulf)

The Ruin of Heroes

6 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: behind the Spartan at starting point

2. Arena Bonus Item: to the left of 1st Health Shrine at top of ramp

3. Archimedes Diary: on far side of fallen pillar and hard right

4. Arena Bonus Item: beyond collapsing ramp on right of platform

5. Archimedes Diary: to the right of overhead bridge where Sejanus
is first encountered

6. Arena Bonus Item: in corner of Sarcophagi room

Ghosts of Troy

5 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: on left in corridor beyond the Sarcophagi room

2. Arena Bonus Item: in alcove on right at rear of huge chamber with
glowing pits and Undead

3. Arena Bonus Item: in fractured hallway with Castor. Jump around.

4. Archimedes Diary: on platform amongst rubble of huge chamber with
Trojan Horse

5. Archimedes Diary: hard right on small platform in chamber of chasms
where Sejanus and Undead Archers encountered

The Sentinel

No items


16 in total:

1. Arena Bonus Item: looking at Archimedes, at end of bottom right passage

2. Archimedes Diary: further down same passage against wall

3. Archimedes Diary: on ramp and up Ladder #1 and with two Shrines

4. Archimedes Diary: on roof of Building to the left of previous location

5. Arena Bonus Item: on ramp and up Ladder #2

6. Arena Bonus Item: against wall by one of the main gates in the back streets

7. - 11. Secrets: deface poster of Tiberius (x 5):

1 at Bacchus Inn

2 on roof of building directly across the street

3-5 all located in street or on ramps

12. - 16. Secrets: burn Roman Houses (x 5):

All located in the streets behind the Bacchus Inn


17 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: on roof in back left corner of Athens Town Square

2. Archimedes Diary: on roof of the green-hued building

3. Arena Bonus Item: in prison complex in cell on the right

4. - 8. Secrets: deface poster of Tiberius (x 5):

1-2 on rooftops in Athens Civic Square

3-4 of rooftop of green-hued building. On ramp
of building opposite.

5 on ramp in red-hued building

9. - 13. Secrets: burn Roman Houses (x 5):

1 enroute to the green-hued building

2-3 on ramp and at street level opposite green-hued

5 en route to Sejanus´ mansion

14. Secret: Agrippa the Healer. Female on ramp in red-hued area

15. Secret: Jilted Husband. Opposite old Greek Veteran

16. Archimedes Diary: Offered by jilted husband after killing Carnifex

17. Arena Bonus Item: ONLY possible en route to Ambush. Offered by saved

Eye of Apollo

3 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: by the first set of levers

2. Archimedes Diary: by the fourth set of levers

3. Archimedes Diary: on the rooftop

The Gates of Saturn

5 in total:

1. Arena Bonus Item: in building containing first Ballista

2. Archimedes Diary: on rear of field. Behind two fallen trees shaped like a V

3. Archimedes Diary: in cavity on ledge at rear of Fortress. Instead of jumping
on rubble through broken wall follow the ledge to the left

4. Arena Bonus Item: after killing 2nd Priestess, through double doors and to
the right

5. Archimedes Diary: on ledge, accessed by jumping over broken fence.
Accessible just prior to entering portcullis and fighting
Undead Sejanus

Death and Circuses

5 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: down first passageway on right and around corner at end

2. Arena Bonus Item: after area with Rage Potion. Through portcullis on right
and around corner with Power Shrine

3. Archimedes Diary: left of two Archers standing in elevated area and around

4. Arena Bonus Item: to right of ladder leading up to prison where Spartans are

5. Archimedes Diary: by pillar in Minotaur´s lair

Gods of Battle

4 in total:

1. Archimedes Diary: second corner to the left of Spartan at starting point

2. Archimedes Diary: hard right in room accessed by detonating explosive

3. Arena Bonus Item: at base of stairs leading to area with crates by gate

4. Archimedes Diary: in room with Romans + Assassins + Archers and explosives



Bonus Items

The following can be acquired for use in the Arena:

- Hoplites

- Swordsmen

- Archers

- Gigantes *

- Vial of Rage

- Explosive Keg ( x 2)

- Invisibility Potion

- Kickable Brazier ( X 2)

- Fire Arrows ( X 3)

- Arrow-targeted Explosive ( X 3) **

- Health Shrine ( X 3)

- Power Shrine ( X 3)

- Arrows ( X 3)

  • If using the Gigantes, it will appear next to the Spartan
    at the commencement of ROund 1. Let the Gigantes charge
    ahead THEN move. Keep some distance from the Gigantes during
    • Using the Arrow-targeted Explosives is extremely hazardous
      as Allied Archers can accidently detonate them while the
      Spartan is nearby.

All-Star Arena

ROUND 1: Legionnaires



ROUND 2: Barbarians - 5 varieties

Gigantes - 1

ROUND 3: Praetorian Legionnaires

Praretorian Carnifexes




ROUND 4: Skeleton Warriors

Skeleton Archers

Undead Warriors

ROUND 5: Gladiators - 3 varieties

ROUND 6: Repeat of ROUND 1

ROUND 7: Barbarians - 5 varieties

Gigantes - 5

ROUND 8: Repeat of ROUND 3

ROUND 9: Repeat of ROUND 4

ROUND 10: Repeat of ROUND 5


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