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Topic Anglais

Sujet : Anglais

28 février 2015 à 12:12:09

I will introduce the notion of spaces and exchanges.
First of all, exchanges in an act to giving and receiving something else in the return. Exchanges evoke the idea of reciprocity. The link between the two terms leads us to consider exchanges between peoples, trade, cultural and migration. The barder can be a barrier that limits trade or as opening a space.

This concept can be illustrated by several topics :

- social networks
- gap year
- immigration

At first, I will introduce the gap year and in the second time I will talk about the immigration of the Mexican.

The gap year is a topic of the notion. The gap year is an opprtunity for students. Students can get a job, interesting projects, gap year enrichies the student experience, help students look at the theoritical learning, different projects, political campaigns.
The gap year allows students to travel to new countries, learning new cultures, new languages and new lifestyles. You can exchange with childreen in the school, the students can get a job teaching assistant and you can exchange with the people of the countries.

The immigration is also a form of exchange. I'll take as an example the Mexican immigration to the United States. Mexico hit by unemployment so USA appears as a land of opportunity. But the US wants to stop immigrants, the border is monitored to prevent immigrants. Part of the US economy is estimated to be based surces Mexican immigrants. So immigration permits trade. Mexican immigration to the United States shows that this is a topic of conceptual spaces and exchanges. The immigration is for a long time and you can also exchange, they are the economic exchanges between the immigrants and the US.

The two topics I have presented are part of the concept of spaces and exchanges. The Gapyear and immigration are two opportunities to exchange.

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