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Topic Wonderful Island Renewable Resources Playing Guide - How to Make Dying Plant Revive

Sujet : Wonderful Island Renewable Resources Playing Guide - How to Make Dying Plant Revive

16 mars 2018 à 04:02:38

Wonderful Island is cool and deserves your try! When you reach higher level, you have more chance to decorate your island. Here we'd like to show you some tips to plant your trees and harvest them to get coins and items.

Players can use coins to get renewable resources which can be grown on land directly.

Those renewable resources include apple tree, grape, coconut palm, Theobroma. Yo can grow every plant for 3 times in total. When the three plant are harvested, players will gain three items as rewards. After all chances are used up, the plant will be withered. To make them revive again, players can ask help from friends via facebook. Once the plants get watered by others, they can be harvested one time. However, if the plants withered again, they wiill die forever. Players can buy more apple trees or others via more coins.

Different from the apple trees or grapes, palms can be grown and harvested one time. Players can get 6 items from harvest. Once the palm is going to die, let your friends to water them.

We will offer your more guides on how to play Wonderful Island. Just follow our game's facebook WonderfulIslandOfficial

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