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Topic [Latest] Growtopia Hack - September 2017 Update {working 100%}

Sujet : [Latest] Growtopia Hack - September 2017 Update {working 100%}

15 septembre 2017 à 12:58:40

Searching dor a working growtopia hack? You're in luck my friend! Here is the new version of hack app I personally fixed.

Copy the link below and follow the instructions


Important: Do not share this with anyone, it works but if the word spreads Clash Royale will update their security settings and all my work will go to waste.. Use it while it works and enjoy!

Why do you need Growtopia cheats

Growtopia is an extremely fun and addictive game, and it is no wonder that the number of players keeps growing every day. The only problem is that it is a freemium game - this means that money is needed if you want to advance faster. If you want to avoid spending money on Growtopia, cheats are the best and the safest way to do it!

About the game

Developers of Growtopia have described it as "an experimental multiplayer creative sandbox platformer MMO with crafting." It is obvious that the developers wanted to create something similar to Minecraft, or better yet, Terraria, but they didn't want to make a simple clone.

Growtopia has a unique approach to crafting and mining. If the player wants to "craft" something, he has to plant different seeds in dual combination. It might seem a bit complicated, but it is very simple - everything in Growtopia is found by digging or growing.

This game has a unique approach to multiplayer - every world is an MMO. This allows a large number of players to work together, or work against each other. Growtopia is a fun game, but like many other mobile games, it uses an in-app currency. If you want to advance fast, you will have to spend some cash on this game. You can earn the in-app currency while playing the game, but the process is slow and tedious.

Growtopia's visuals are bright, cute, and pleasing to the eye. This is a game which the whole family can play. The only flaw is that you have to spend money to advance fast.

Growtopia Cheat Engine

Gems are the currency of Growtopia which fuel the in-game economy. Having a lot of gems means that you have access to unique items, materials, and plenty of cool cosmetic items. All of the items bought with gems make your gaming experience more smooth, and this is why our cheat engine exists.

Our team of talented programmers has worked hard to bring you this useful Growtopia tool which will enhance your gameplay. You won't have to spend countless hours farming items - you will simply need to spend a few moments with our tool, and you will be good to go.

You might think that cheating takes the fun out of the game, but we disagree. Using our cheat engine will save your time and let you experience the game to its fullest potential without ever spending a single cent. No more tiring grinding and praying to the random number generator for that drop you've been waiting for. With our tool, you will enjoy Growtopia hassle-free!

Online Based

Our Growtopia cheat engine is online-based - this means that you can use it anywhere. You don't have to download anything, and you don't have to install anything. Our method makes sure that you stay virus-free, and that you don't have to void your phone's warranty.


Our team of talented programmers has made sure that the Growtopia cheat engine is completely secure. You don't have to worry that your phone will get harmed, and you don't have to worry that your characters will be deleted. We made sure that you can use our cheat engine without any risk.


Not only is our cheat engine secure, but it is also fast!
Most of the other cheat engines suffer from the same flaw - slow speed. We have worked hard to make sure that you never waste your time, after a few simple clicks you will have everything you need in an instant.

Up to Date

One of the most important features of our cheat engine is that it is always up to date!
Tools such as ours have to be up to date to prevent discovery. We work hard to make sure that our engine is updated and risk-free.

From Beginner to Pro – Quick Growtopia Guide

Being a beginner in a game such as Growtopia can be overwhelming; you are new, everything is strange, and you are afraid of making mistakes. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when starting a new crafting game, but you shouldn't worry because our guide will make sure that you start the game with all of the necessary information.

There is one thing which differs newbies from the pros - experience. Most of the new players lack experience, and it makes them not enjoy the game as much as they should. Let's get started with the basics!

Punching is something you will be doing most of the time in this game. Punching allows you to break stuff and push players away. You will use your punches to gather seeds, items, and gems.

The Wrench is used to edit the properties of an item. You can use the wrench to lock your House Entrance, but you can also use it to trade items by using it on other players. You will be using the wrench when you want to see all the worlds you have world locked, and you will be using it to ban players from your world.

Splicing is the term used in Growtopia instead of "crafting." To create new blocks, you have to splice two types of seeds to create a new tree. You should plant one seed, and then use another seed on the growing sapling. If the seeds can be spliced, the tree will change, and you will be informed.
As a beginner, you should use our cheat engine to create gems and purchase a Basic Splicing Kit.

Locks are very useful because they prevent other players from being manipulated by other players. You only have to place a lock down, and it will protect an area around it. If you want to lock your entire world, you should use World Locks.

Gems are very important since you can use them to purchase items from the store. You obtain gems by breaking items and trees, recycling items, and purchasing them. You can use our cheat engine to gain as many gems as you may need.

Items and clothing are created the same way as everything else in the game - splicing. There are some exceptions such as rocks, lava, dirt, and a few others. You can wear clothing by tapping it twice, and you can place an item by selecting it and then tapping on the screen.

As you can see, the game seems complicated to a newbie, but the reality is that it is very simple. Now that you have the knowledge on how the game works, you can safely start playing it without the fear of messing something up.

The best advice we can give you is to experiment. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because our cheat engine will help you gain all of the required resources. We hope that you will have fun in the world of Growtopia!

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