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Topic Zombie Castaways Hack Tool | Get Unlimited Zombucks, Coins & Brains [Android-iOS]

Sujet : Zombie Castaways Hack Tool | Get Unlimited Zombucks, Coins & Brains [Android-iOS]

10 octobre 2017 à 04:50:37

Zombie Castaways is a cute little strategy game. It is fairly similar to some more popular titles on the market that have you build your base and expand your influence on a castaways island but, unlike most of those games, this one’s the story is not that of a power struggle.

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You’re not competing with anyone for political or military supremacy. In the case of Zombie Castaways, it’s all about love. Yes, you read that right and as weird as it may sound, you’re playing a zombie looking for the love of his life. It’s absolutely safe to say that this game is family-friendly and due to its humor elements it may be enjoyed by adults as well as kids.

So what’s it all about? Well first of all, to find your one and true love you’ll have to be able to move around the island. In the beginning, it’s easy enough to navigate as there are literally waypoints with a little heart symbol on them.

It’s clear as a day that you have to follow these pointers if you want to stand any chance of finding love on this island and that’s what you’ll be doing at the very beginning of the game. If you want to download this game visit this links: Android version, iOS version.

Tools, Super-Swords, Zombucks and how to hack them for free!
But don’t think it’s as simple as that because it is not. Your path will often be obstructed by rocks, bushes and trees. Each and every one of these objects requires a specific tool to harvest and therefore pass by. Oddly enough, you get these tools from a well. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to us either but we just think of it as a wishing well granting wishes to a lonely zombie.

So, here’s how the tools work:

  • If a tree is obstructing your path you’ll need to chop it down using an axe. By doing so, you’ll earn a significant amount of experience as well!
  • If your path is obstructed by rocks, you’ll need a pickaxe if you want to get past it. This action will take some time to complete just like tree hacking.
  • And then there are bushes. Bushes require just a couple of machetes to get past but just like the low requirement of resources, they yield a low amount of experience.

And don’t think that our zombie is some kind of vandal with little to no respect for mother nature, quite the contrary. Everything you crush, chop or mow down on your way will be added to your inventory which can (and will) later be used as a crafting material.

For example, chopping down a tree will grant you some logs that you can use to fortify your gatehouse which will in turn allow you to build some advanced items required to progress through the game.

However, as simple as this may sound, these tools are very, very limited and you can go from a full stack to owning absolutely none of the tools required in just a couple of seconds! There are of course some tools that can help you with this.

They’re called super swords and they will do just about anything. If you’re lacking a machete to mow down some grass or you need an additional set of axes to hack down a palm tree, super swords can do it all. Surprisingly enough they can even act as a pickaxe and break rocks that happen to be in your way.

These swords are unfortunately unobtainable through any conventional means. To get these swords you’ll have to cash out and buy some Zombucks with real money. Of course, the whole point of this website is to make things easier and accessible for everyone so naturally, we’ve come up, up with the way to make it possible for players to hack free Zombucks for their accounts. Not just that, you can add coins as well even though Zombucks are what’s really important here.

With the help of this Zombie Castaways hack tool, you’ll not only be able to have infinite amounts of coins and Zombucks, you’ll also be able to purchase all those cool super swords that you need so very much. And to answer your question before you even get to ask it, yes, we shall explain exactly how to hack free Zombie Castaways resources.

How do I use Zombie Castaway hack for Zombucks and Coins?
Okay, let us start by saying this first. If you’ve ever had experience with our website in the past, then you probably realized that all of our game cheat tools work in a very specific manner. Fortunately for the users, this manner is very user-friendly and we never change anything about it in order for it to stay that way.

What we’re trying to say is that if you had any previous experience with any of game hacks published here on in the past, you won’t have any problem using this one as well.

Will make it easy for everyone to reap the benefits of these video game cheats and make everyone’s gaming experience that much better. We will guide you through the entire process. This might’ve made it sound more complex than it actually is but you’ll see soon enough that it’s nothing to be nervous about.

To make this work for yourself, all you need to do is go down to the bottom of the page until there is no more text left and look around for a big blue link that reads “Online Hack”. Once you see the button, what you need to do is to press it, naturally.

And that’s pretty much it. From that point on you’ll be taken to another webpage where you will see our Zombie Castaways coins and zombucks hack tool. The interface is highly intuitive but, in case you can’t figure it out on your own, there will be a written instruction on the page as well. So go on, and give that blue link a nice tap and start hacking Zombie Castaways right now!

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