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Sujet : Moktar the Fox 2.0

04 janvier 2006 à 15:02:57 :)

13 janvier 2006 à 00:03:42

yeeeeepeee :fete: :ok:

17 janvier 2006 à 23:56:50

I just downloaded the levels and tried the demo, but I encountered some problems:

-With my version, mtf 2.00 & 2.01 weren´t even able to start, just leaving some ascii chars to the console.

-I tried then with a version downloaded from "Lost treasures france", which is dected as "B" by mtf2
but the veiled wooman makes my game bug when it should appear on the screen, corrupting graphics gradually until titles become completely black.
(she appears correctly under the editor, tought).

My version of moktar is "B" from LTF France, I run it under Dosbox0.63 with opengl output. Geforce 2 pro, duron 1300+, enough RAM for moktar, ... :rire:
(my "true" os is XP)

also, did you know...
-It is possible to jump when you just enter a level. This exploit can be useful to take a "shortcut" at start of level 08 but the best is for level 13:
you get all extras and cut deeply to the exit, a must :)
I think to tell you this cause it´s possible to do it on the demo lvl :-)))

-you can take use some ennemies as weapons. I think you alredy know it, but I prefer beeing sure :)

-You can custom your keyLayout easyly and quickly using "xkeyb". I use it under my dosbox 0.63 because french layout was jerky, and it really works fine.

Btw, if you want a GMail invite, just give me the adress you want me to send you one. :oui:

Once more, thanks, you really make nice work, and i´m happily surprised to see the guestbook of your site got many entries of people who didn´t forget moktar / titf.

18 janvier 2006 à 14:10:00

Hmm, now I have a question:

- Was your version with the ASCII chars detected as "A"? if so, that´s perfectly normal. But, I just tested in DOSBox, and A should at least play there. And, you should also see a "version A" warning.

Hmm, interesting, that veiled woman thing. Didn´t see it before. That´s what you get for testing mostly in TTF... Well anyway, the level plays fine in TTF, so just use that or wait for the moktar-on-ttf thing. I´ll look at it in the next version of MTF.

I know those jump and throw enemy tricks, yes :)
Do you also know of the one where a fast enemy hits you while at the same time something falls on your head? Just try it...

Oh and I already have a gmail, but still thanks :)

19 janvier 2006 à 13:58:09

I didn´t get any A warning because mtf just crashes with my version. I couldn´t even get the menu.
Maybe I got an "E", i really dunno.
that´s why I downloaded the version from
Anyway, i´ll try your levels with TITF if necessary, even if I really prefer Moktar for many reasons.
(nostalgia, cut level in TITF, I got french game & know who is Lagaf´ (and could send you the song), ...)

"when hit by an object & an ennemy", you fly upwards, isn´t it ? :ouch:

20 janvier 2006 à 00:10:26

I did some research, which has shown that several sprites cause those funky special effects, both in Moktar and TTF. It´s just that Moktar has a few more faulty sprites, namely #197-202 (which make up the veiled women). #203 is an example of a sprite that also messes TTF up. You can still play the demo in Moktar if you use the editor to change the two veiled women to sprite #160 or so.
You don´t have to play all the levels with TTF, the other levels should work just fine in Moktar.

It´s caused by an internal table in the executable that doesn´t list all sprite numbers. I´ll fix that when MTF gets its own proper level file format.

About your version "E", I´m very curious as to why it makes mtf explode! :ouch2:
Especially as the game is not run at all before showing the menu, so it´s likely a bug in mtf.
Would you mind sending a zip of it to me via ? (The SQZ files can be left out, but other files are most likely causing the bug, so don´t leave them out.)

With the uber-jump thing, when timed correctly you can jump almost 2 screens... :cool:

22 janvier 2006 à 19:54:11

Hmm, apparently something went terribly wrong with that upload (you probably received a 404). I just fixed it, so please try again...

Heh, funny bug that one with the ceiling jump! Didn´t know it yet...
But, how do you use it to reach the "SUPER!" area on level 8? Or are there more ultra-power-super-ultimate-mega-secret on that level? :o))

22 janvier 2006 à 20:32:26

But of course, mario 1 level 2-style from the 1st save point! Must be a lot of work to get that second ball there...

27 janvier 2006 à 12:00:22

that´s it :)
It´s not that difficult to bring the *first* ball to this savepoint.
Just avoid wasting the first crate. :ok:

I remember i tried to keep the ball all the level long, and brought it, at least, up to the mosquito with the fish. :cool:
but I think in some stupid way before reaching the exit :-(

I´ll send you the files once more...
as soon as I get an internet connexion :peur: :snif: :( :-(

28 janvier 2006 à 14:37:39
  • "I think I died in some stupid way"
30 janvier 2006 à 00:00:50

Well well, you indeed have a version E! Only problem is, now I also have to find an F, since your E appears to be a c-r-a-c-k of an unknown original...

I´ve uploaded MTF 2.0.2 on my site, which supports your "E", and also fixes the bug that was giving the nice ASCII message.

2.0.2 even takes care of the special effects sprites, so you can play the demo level in Moktar now!

Bah, I hate it if they filter words out, like c-r-a-c-k.

06 février 2006 à 00:16:37

I tried your levels yesterday :)

The 01 first, I was really surprised by the ammount of ennemies, not difficult to handle as they are stupid tough.
I suicided the fisrt time I reached bottom right with only one crate, cause I tought it wasn´t enough to climb the ladder :peur: (you must insist a bit to reach it)
A small detail: i felt the first time I jumped on the exit as there is no ground if you miss it :(

I went to 07 then. Not too difficult: few ennemies, few spikes.
Shouldn´t you accelerate a bit the last platform ? I think the boss would be more dangerous (you could´n crouch after firing to avoid her shots), and it would be less annoying to wait it 8 times.
Really short, compared to the original, but good level.

I finally went to 09, and after 4 or five triple death (most on the 2 first scorpions), I decided to look about the trainer and his unlimited lives.
After having reached the first savepoint, I got up, but diiiiiiied on the first flame spitter. So, I enabled the unlimited health :rire2: , and was still unable to go beyond this point !! !
I managed to reach the next point with the noclip, tough :lol:
a rather easy room, then, but damn ! the following is terrible :ouch: !
When i saw the ball, I was happy to get a good weapon. :hap: I had no idea about the lurking hordes awaiting me in the depth of this cursed temple :mort:
after at least half an hour, I reached the end of the corridor, killed the mosquito.. and died on the spikes :(
Owned by level 9.. remember me the good old days :rire:

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