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Sujet : Liste jeux compatibles Vista

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05 avril 2007 à 12:30:27

Salut !! ! :)

Ya aussi Supcom :ok:

a+ :-d

05 avril 2007 à 17:28:24

Liste des jeux compatibles Vista:
-Age of Empires 3 + add-on
-Age of Mythology ( pas pour tout le monde)
-Armed Assault
-Baldur´s gate 1 et 2
-Battlefield 2
-Battlefield 2142
-Chaos League
-Civilisation IV et add-ons
-Command and Conquer 3
-Company of Heroes
-Counter Strike: Condition Zero
-Counter Strike: Source
-Dark Messiah
-DOD Source
-Far Cry
-Flight Simulator X
-Football Manager 2007
-Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
-GTA: San Andreas
-GTA: Vice City (en mode compatibilité Win 98)
-GTR 2
-Guild Wars
-Heroes 3
-Hitman Blood Money
-Just Cause
-Medieval 2: Total War
-NFS Carbon
-NFS Most Wanted
-PES 6 ( pas pour tout le monde)
-Ragnarok Online
-Rainbow Six: Vegas
-Rayman et les lapins crétins
-Sims 2
-Spell Force: The order of dawn
-Star Wars: Empire at War
-Supreme Commander
-Swat 4
-Swat 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate
-Test Drive Unlimited
-The Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion
-Titan Quest(saccade pas mal)
-Trackmania Nations
-Unreal Anthology
-Unreal Tournament
-Unreal Tournament 2003
-Unreal Tournament 2004
-World of Warcraft
-Worms Armageddon

Petite question comment on fait pour régler Vista en mode compatible Windows 98 ou XP :svp: ?

Sinon :merci: de contribuer a cette liste.

05 avril 2007 à 19:59:46

ça risque d´être un peu super long tu crois pas ?

Allé hop xD

* 1602 A.D. (32-Bit)
* Agatha Christie : And then there were none (32 bit)
* Agatha Christie : Murder on the orient express (32 bit)
* Aliens versus Predator 2
* Americas Army 2.8 (32-bit)
* Americas Army 2.7 (32-bit)
* Americas Army 2.6 (32-bit)
* Anno 1701
* Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome expansion
* Age of Empires II and the Conquerors expansion
* Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs expansion
* Alice (American McGee´s)
* Anarchy Online (32-bit) Runs fine.
* Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition
* Ankh II : hearth of Osiris (32-bit)
* Armies of Exigo
* Atlantis II (32-bit)
* Atlantis III (32-bit)
* Atlantis IV Evolution (32-bit)
* Aura : Fate of the ages (32-bit)
* Armed and Dangerous
* Arx Fatalis
* Blade Runner (32-bit)
* Baldur´s Gate (32bit) (Polish version, English should work well too)
* Baldur´s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast (32bit) (Polish version, English should work well too)
* Battle for Middle-Earth 1 & 2
* Battlefield 1942 (Run As Administrator, may require the most up to date graphics drivers, such as the Nvidia´s BETA 101.41 GeForce drivers)
* Battlefield 2 & Special Forces (Run BF2.exe As Administrator.)
* Battlefield 2142(32bit)
* Battlefield 2142(64bit) - Same settings used on XP, crashes to desktop at every map change (after a certain period) due to low video card memory (256mb). Disable Areo or set texture settings lower.
* Black and White 2
* Blood II The Chosen (It rarely crashes, but this was happening under XP too.)
* Broken Sword: The Angel of Death
* Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
* Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
* Call of Duty & United Offensive
* Call of Duty 2 (run cod2mp_s.exe in XP SP2 compability mode; SP fine.)
* Call of Duty 2 upgraded to 1.3 works on Home Premium RTM no trouble (32 bit)
* Championship Manager 2007
* Civilization III (run as administrator, XP SP2 compatibility mode)
* Civilization IV (Vista 32/64-bit)
* Civ City Rome (32 bit)
* Cobra 11 - Nitro (StarForce protection vista-update required)
* Command & Conquer: Generals
* Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (Run as admin)
* Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty
* Company of Heroes (Home Premium) (32 Bit)

(NB With NVIDIA 8800GTX/GTS GPUs the game crashes when loading Cherbourg level. Needs GPU driver update. ´Open issue´ with 20/02/07 100.65 forceware drivers)

* Condemned - Criminal Origins
* Continuum
* Counter-Strike 1.6
* Counter-Strike Condition Zero
* Counter-Strike Source
* Crashday (With patch 1.1 + No Intro Fix)
* Cricket 07 (Australian version - works on both x86 & x64)
* Darwinia
* Day of Defeat
* Deal or No Deal
* Delta Force Black Hawk Down & Team Sabre
* Deus Ex
* Diablo I
* Diablo II - NOTE: For best results, set Compatibility Mode for application to Windows XP SP2 in the shortcut´s properties and run as Administrator. This should allow all features of game to work properly, including LAN and Battle.Net play. If the game takes too long to start up, try disabling Aero Glass (or under compatability disable desktop composition).
* Doom 2(Doom95) (Requires DPlay.dll in the game´s directory for doom95 to work properly)
* Doom 3 (Requires working OpenGL support)
* Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (Requires working OpenGL support)
* Doomsday 3D Engine v1.9.0 Beta 4
* Dracula 2 (32-bit) (Win 98 Compatibility Mode)
* Dreamfall : the longest journey (32-bit) : run after installation of Starforce Drivers. Install them form this page
* Driver (32bit)
* Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition with all Add-Ons (for Windows Edition; not original 16-bit MS-DOS) (This game works slowly with too low performance if you don´t install the driver of your graphic card manually although Vista automatically recognizes and installs the drivers of your graphic card and DirectX.)
* Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack (HRP) (also External Release (XTR)) v1.0
* Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
* Dungeon Keeper
* Dungeon Keeper 2 (32-Bit)
* EA Link for EA Games
* Egypt II (32-bit)
* Egypt III (32-bit)
* Eve Online Fully working (32-bit)
* Evany : Crystal keys II (32-bit)
* Everquest
* Everquest II
* Far Cry (64-bit and 32-bit with v1.4 patch)
* Evidence - the last ritual
* F.E.A.R (32-Bit).Runs fine in XP SP2 Compatibility
* F1 2006 (Win 98/Me Compatibility Mode)
* FlatOut 2 (32 bit Home Premium)
* Flight Simulator 2004
* Flight Simulator X
* FBI: Hostage Rescue
* F.E.A.R
* FIFA 07
* FIFA Manager 2007
* Football Manager 2007
* Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich
* Freelancer
* Flatout 2 (European with Starforce update)
* Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
* Gothic 3 (Windows Vista wont allow 2 files to install in system folder(64 bit))
* Grand Prix 4
* Grand Theft Auto II
* Grand Theft Auto III
* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
* Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
* Guild Wars: All 3 versions ( Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall )
* Gun
* GunBound WC
* GZDoom
* Half Life
* Half Life 2 & Half Life 2: Episode One
* Halo: Combat Evolved(install latest patch)
* Halo: Custom Edition(needs a update tho download
* Hitman: Blood Money
* Hitman: Contracts
* Hoyle Card games 2007 works great.
* Hoyle Board games 2007 works great.
* Hoyle Puzzle games 2007 works great.
* Hugo: The Evil Mirror
* In The Groove + Impact dancepad
* Jack the Reaper
* Jade Empire: Special Edition (x86 & x64)
* Jazz Jack Rabbit 2
* Little Fighter 2 (32 bit)
* KISS: Psycho Circus The Nightmare Child
* Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Legend
* Lego Star Wars II (32 and 64-bit)
* Lineage II: Chronicle 5 (32-bit)
* LOCOMOTION by Chris Sawyer (64-bit)
* Max Payne 1.01
* Max Payne 2
* Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Installed MOHAA Ver1.1 on 32-bit Ultimate, plays fine with no problems at all, multiplayer untested as yet.
* Klotski (and Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1991)
* Magic Ball 3
* Mafia: City of Lost Heaven (32-bit) - works perfectly
* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (x86 and x64)
* Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (32-bit) Works really well, just need to tick "Run this program as an administrator" to be able to play on multiplayer.
* Myst III : Exile (32-bit)
* Myst IV : Revelation (32-bit)
* Myst V : End of Ages (32-bit)
* Myth II Soulblighter v1.6 (32 and 64bit)
* MU Online (Ultra low FPS)
* Natural Selection 3.2 (type "gammaramp 0" in console to remedy color anomalies, brightness problems still may occur) (32-bit)
* Need for Speed (32-bit)
* Need for Speed III: Hot pursuit
* Need for Speed Most Wanted
* Neverwinter Nights 2 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* Nexuiz
* NHL 06
* NHL 07
* Outrun 2006
* Paradise (from Benoit Sokal) (32-bit)
* Pariah (With 98/ME Compatibility mode)
* Pacific Warriors
* Phantasy Star Universe
* Prey (Requires working OpenGL support)
* Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
* Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Starts Windows MCE upon exit?)
* Pro Evolution Soccer 6
* Psychonauts
* Quake 2
* Quake 3 Arena
* Quake 4 (v1.3) Works. Tested on Vista Enterprise 64-bit and Vista Ultimate 32-bit
* Race - The WTCC Game
* Ragnarok Online
* Rainbow Six: Lockdown
* Rainbow Six: Vegas
* Resident Evil 4 (Requires d3dx9_30.dll to be placed in "capcom/resident evil 4" folder. (32-bit)
* Return to mysterous Island (32-bit)
* Rise of Nations Gold (32 bit)
* RollerCoaster Tycoon [With the Loopy Landscape Add-On] (Vista 32-bit)
- Add the "Windows 95" compatibility mode for the file "rct.exe"
- Add the "Full control" right to "Everyone" for the folder of RCT and its subfolders.
* RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 [Original and all Add-Ons] (Vista 32-bit)
- Add the "Full control" right to "Everyone" for the folder of RCT2 and its subfolders.
* RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 [Original and all Add-Ons] (Vista 32-bit)
* Rome: Total War
* Runaway I (32-bit)
* Runaway II (32-bit) - v1.3 - you must install the patch available here : english version or french version
* SafeCracker (32-bit)
* Savage (32-bit)
* Schizm : mysterious journey (CD) (32-bit)
* Scratches (32-bit) : Update of Starforce drivers NOT needed
* Second Sight
* Silverfall
* SimCity 3000 Unlimited (32-bit)
* SimCity 4 and RushHour Expansion (Vista 64-bit)
* Splinter Cell
* Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
* Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
* Splinter Cell: Double Agent
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl
* Star Wars Galaxies
* Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns
* Star Wars Jedi Academy (32/64bit)
* Star Wars Jedi Outcast (32/64bit)
* Star Wars Battlefront 2 (32/64bit)
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (32 bit).Runs fine in XP SP2 Compatibility
* Starcraft
* Steam (Build: Jan 15 2007, 10:37:59)
* Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery
* Super Mario Forever (After starting the game, the mouse cursor of Vista still appears on the screen. Ignore it.)
* SWAT 4 & The Stetchkov Syndicate (32-bit)
* Test Drive Unlimited (if there are problems run as administrator and/or in xp sp2 compatibility mode)
* The Amerzone (32-bit) (Win 98 Compatibility Mode)
* The Black Mirror (2nd edition, 2CD without Starforce) (32-bit)
* The longest journey (32-bit). Official patch here
* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 1.2 (32-bit)
* The Sims 2 (32-bit/64-bit)(All expansions pack works!)
* The Movies (32-bit)
* The Simpsons - Hit & Run (32-bit)
* The Typing of the Dead (Run in Win98/ME Compatibility Mode) (32-bit)
* Titan Quest & Immortal Throne expansion (x32 & x64)
* Tomb Raider II (32-bit) + the golden mask
* Tomb Raider III (32-bit) + the lost artefact
* Tomb Raider, the last revelation (32-bit) : the XP patch woks with Vista. See this site.
* Tomb Raider Chronicles (32-bit) : the XP patch woks with Vista. See this site.
* Tomb Raider, Angel of darkness (32-bit)
* Tomb Raider Legend (32bit)
* Tony Tough (32-bit)
* Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4
* Tony Hawk´s American Wasteland(Vista 64-bit)
* Top Spin 2 (32 bit) Slow loading but work perfect
* Train Simulator (Microsoft) (Vista 32-bit)
* Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
* Unreal Tournament 1999 Game of the Year Edition
* Unreal Tournament 2004 - The text to speech engine switches from the game engine to the one supplied with Vista, if you don´t get voice taunts from other players, check your control panel text to speech voice to make sure it works.
* URU : Ages beyond Myst with "The path to the Shell" extension (32-bit)
* Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
* Virtua Tennis 3 (32-bit)
* Warcraft 3 & also The Frozen Throne(With 98/ME Compatibility Mode)
* Warhammer Mark of Chaos
* Warhammer Dawn Of War 40k (32 Bit)
* World of Warcraft - May have issues with Graphics and Sound (Depending on Hardware Installed)
* Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60b (Worked perfectly with Ultimate RTM, usin PNY Verto GeForce 6600GT, and nVidia 97.46 forceware for Windows vista)
* World Racing 2 (StarForce protection vista-update required)
* Worms 4: Mayhem
* Worms Armageddon with latest patch (32bit)
* Worms World Party
* X3 : Reunion
* X-Plane v7+ (32bit)
* Zdoom

tiens il y a tout ici tous les logiciels c´est pas mal :ok:

06 avril 2007 à 08:50:45

Sur windows xp il falait faire clic droit > propriété > compatibilité

06 avril 2007 à 11:50:13

Rise of nations, Pharaon ne marchent pas sur Vista !

06 avril 2007 à 14:56:40

O_O ben :merci: alors luffy 4 je savais pas qu´une telle liste avait déjà été faite et celle la m´a l´air trés fiable pas comme celle de maoussmadman.
Je crois que luffy 4 a donc achevé mon oeuvre ^^.
Si jamais y a des ptits probs pour certains jeux on peut toujours utiliser ce topic pour en parler mais maintenant la liste est complète.

06 avril 2007 à 15:34:31

Splinter Cell Double Agent ne tourne pas sur Vista avec les 8800 GTS/GTX

08 avril 2007 à 18:19:53

ERREUR dans la liste.
Tony Hawk´s pro skater 4 ne tourne pas avec vista, du moins le 64bits au moins.
Preuve à l´appui:


09 avril 2007 à 03:05:28

Bonjour à tous.

Je souhaite revenir sur certain qui affirme que NFS Carbon est compatible.
C´est faux, EA Game même n´a pas de solution concernant la compatiblité sur Vista 32 et 64, et vous invite à vous retourner sur Microsoft.
Autant vous dire, vous êtes tout seul.

Ce que j´ai testé:
Cà marche mais en mode "compatlible windows 98".
Et là c´est encore instable le jeu coupe aléatoirement sur certain circuit.

Donc en attendant le prochain vollet de la saga oubliez NFS Carbon sur Vista c´est trop aléatoire.

11 avril 2007 à 14:24:46

c fo che moi nfs carbon fonction sans probleme en compatibilite windows xp

11 avril 2007 à 14:34:24

carbon marche sans aucun changement chez moi!!

11 avril 2007 à 15:05:19

Bonjour tout le monde, voila je vais m´acheter windows vista home premium avec la version 32bits et je voudrai savoir si ces jeux sont compatibles

Company of hereos
Medieval II
Half life 2
Call of duty 2
Star wars battlefront 2
Far cry
Dawn of war
Le seigneur des anneaux bataille pour la terre du milieu
Tout les battlefield
American conquest
Soldier of fortune 2

Merci d´avance!

11 avril 2007 à 15:12:32

Lol j´ai même pas grillé les 2 listes du dessus! Ba une question alors, quels sont les jeux qui ne marchent pas avec la version 32bits sur la petite liste que j´ai fait?

Ma carte graphique sera une nvidia 8800 GTS OC2

12 avril 2007 à 03:06:31

pour STATASHA et tito42400
quel vista utilisez vous 32 ou 64 bit?
avez vous fini le jeux?
merci de me répondre.

12 avril 2007 à 09:56:03

Salut je pense que tout les jeux son compatible vista :) car moi sous vista je fait tourné Fight force pour ceux qui connaisse un jeux sortit dans les année 90 :) donc il suffit de faire un clique droit sur l´icone compatibilité et hop ;)

12 avril 2007 à 13:30:59

moi j´ai gta vice city et vista ne le lance pas,donc ca marche pas, silent hill3 ne marche pas non plus ainsi que fahrenheit...

j´ai pas tres bien compris coment on peut faire fonctionner gta vice city avec win98 sous vista ,quelqu´un peut m´expliquer?

12 avril 2007 à 15:01:50

tu fais un clic droit sur l´icone du jeu
tu rentres dans les propriétés
tu vas sur l´onglet compatibilité
tu coche "executer ce programme en mode de compatibilité pour"
et tu choisi dans le menu déroulant juste en dessous l´OS que tu veux.

et voilà c´est tout.

12 avril 2007 à 17:23:12

l´icone du jeu, le racourci bureau tu veux dire?
y´a pas d´onglet compatibilté

12 avril 2007 à 18:24:31

tu fais bien un clic droit et propriété
c´est là que tu auras l´onglet.

n´hésites pas pour d´autre pb

12 avril 2007 à 18:29:11

utilise mon adresse mail pour me tenir au courant
pour éviter d´encombrer ce forum

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